Interviews: past, present and future!

When people ask me what I want to do in life = THIS!

The Circuit: Arwen interviews 2 bands!

Grabbing a camera and a mic and just talking (pop) culture, film, music and all aspects of life!

Thank you to Sheridan College’s: The Circuit (Especially Chris D’Alessandro!!!)

Thanks to and Katie Chats Inc. too!

Saving for a long lens camera now and film equipment. Until then, iphone 4s will have to do!

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Busy Blast that was FAN EXPO CANADA: Saturday, September 5, 2015

If you didn’t know, you know now, Saturdays is FANDOM FANtastic at @FanExpoCanada !!! I like to REALLY plan my day b/c everyone floods both North and South Buildings.

It was like the TTC after a sports game trying to navigate b/w the North and South corridor! Oh and the Blue Jays WERE playing during Fan Expo, so there was an interesting mix of COSplay and a mass of Blue/White around Front St.!

Saturday was THE day of Fandom for me b/c of the Mads Mikkelsen panel. I was so happy to see some #Hannibal COSplay! I present to you the COSplay and FANdom MADNESS that was Saturday at Fan Expo!

FanExpo Canada FRIDAY September 4, 2015: @TADfilmfest booth

Friday at @FanExpoCanada was spent roaming North and South Building and volunteering at the @TADfilmfest booth! The creator of the Toronto After Dark Film Fest, Adam Lopez has run the fest for 10 years?!?! I volunteered last year and it was a BLAST! I love Lee Howard’s TADdy creation, although I may never look at teddys the same again!

Enjoy the FAN EXPO CANADA Gallery for FRIDAY, September 4th, 2015!

FANtastic Adventures! FanExpo Canada Thursday August 3, 2015